LGD Gaming & BGoose Culture Splash €10.43 Million On King Pro League Franchise

[image credit : LGD Gaming]

Chinese esports organisation LGD Gaming and esports agency BGoose Culture have splashed out 80 million RMB (€10.43 million) for a King Pro League (KPL) franchise spot.

The newly formed LGD.BGoose will compete in the Honor of Kings’ professional league with the roster they recently acquired from Team Hope.

LGD is no stranger to the Chinese mobile esports world, having fielded teams in CrossFire, PopKart and Honor of Kings following the disbandment of its Overwatch team last year.

The organisation also operates a couple of other co-branded teams; LGD.PSG with Paris Saint-German (read more), and LGD.REC with Team Reciprocity (read more).

In December 2019, LGD celebrated its 10th anniversary with a re-branding (read more).

King Pro League has commercial partnerships in place with several major brands, including HLA Jeans, SAIC Volkswagen, and Vivo, and has announced plans to construct six home venue facilities in 2020.