IG Group Appoints Former Lloyds and Merill Execs as Directors

IG Group has announced that the company is appointing two new executive directors to the company’s board. Both have significant financial industry experience. The duo joining the company has already been granted regulatory approval.

Commenting on the news, the Chairman of IG, Andy Green, said: “Following an extensive and externally facilitated search process, we are pleased to have agreed to appoint both Sally-Ann Hibberd and Jonathan Moulds to our Board.”

With a raft of experience in the financial services industry and in particular, serving at multiple senior roles at Lloyd’s, Hibberd is joining IG’s Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee. She is also an experienced non-executive director, already serving on the boards of outsourcing business group Equinity and British bank Shawbrook.

Former CEO of Merrill Lynch International

The other new non-execute director hire is none other but the former CEO of Merrill Lynch International and President of Merrill Europe, Jonathan Moulds. With his strategic management skills, he will be joining the company’s Board Risk Committee and the IG Group Board Remuneration Committee.

Leaving aside his high-profile executive roles at Merrill Lynch, Moulds was also COO at Barclays.

IG Group’s search for new non-executive directors has concluded with the current composition amounting to 12 members. CEO Peter Hetherington is leading the executive team alongside Paul Mainwaring, Jon Noble, and Bridget Messer. Aside from the new hires, the non-executive director’s board also includes Stephen Hill, Sam Tymms, Jim Newman, June Felix, and Malcolm Le May.  

“The diversity of skill sets brought by both directors will complement and add to the existing range of experience of Board members and in doing so further enhance the quality of debate and decision making,” elaborated the Chairman of the board, Andy Green.

The new hires come at a key time for the retail brokerage industry, and also as IG Group is expanding its business into the USA. The firm’s board of directors is also facing the effects of the new ESMA regulations on IG’s business, which have kicked in at the start of August.

(Photo: IG Group)

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