ICM Capital Launches Bitcoin CFD Trading

ICM Capital is now offering cryptocurrency trading to its customers, according to a company announcement.

Specifically, the new service is for Bitcoin CFDs. This means that customers will not actually own bitcoins at any point in the trade, but will be taking a position on the asset’s price movement, and profiting from that. Or losing, as the case may be.

Since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin has been characterised by an often fluctuating but generally steeply rising price, which makes it an attractive asset for traders. ICM Capital has recognised this, saying in the press release that the “intrinsic volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them appealing to traders with a steady nerve”.

It is the latest in a succession of brokerages that have been adding cryptocurrency trading to their menus this year, as they hope to cash in on a new phenomenon that some have labelled a bubble.

ICM Capital is a London-headquartered brokerage regulated by the FCA. It uses the MT4 trading platform.

FortuneZ last reported on ICM Capital in June, when it announced its new sponsorship deal with the England polo team.

(Photo: ICM Capital)

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