IBM Launches Blockchain Network For Coronavirus Relief

IBM has launched a Blockchain network to help out with the coronavirus pandemic. The network is called IBM Rapid Supplier Connect and it intends to unite buyers and suppliers and provide medical equipment to consumers. This would help consumers to receive medical supplies consequently helping to overcome shortages during the recovery.

The blockchain network by IBM is designed to help speed up the onboarding process of new suppliers. Additionally, it maintains inventory record and help recognize where it could be used. IBM is offering free access to Rapid Supplier Connect till August 31 for United States and Canada-based companies.

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect holds a mission to collaborate with leading companies and get the products which are related to healthcare. Trust Your Suppliers is the blockchain-based platform from Chainyard along with IBM’s self-made Supply Chain and Sterling Inventory Visibility services.

The functionalities are provided by Thomson Reuters, Bradstreet, Project N95, RapidRatings and KYC SiteScan and more importantly it backs the open source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain from the Linux Foundation.

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