Healthtech Mobile App Powered By Blockchain, Rewards Users For Keeping Fit

This project has made big waves. Some major magazines, such as Forbes and Entrepreneur have already reported on it., a Malta-based start-up with the slogan – Be Fit. Be Fast. Get Paid., combine sport and blockchain and have made it their goal to change an entire industry in a sustainable way.

Here at FortuneZ, we dig deeper with an exclusive interview with their Chief Executive Officer, Irina Manilitsch herself.

Hello Irina, you are Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of  In one sentence: what exactly is

Hello, thanks in advance for this interview on FortuneZ. BeFaster is a blockchain based fitness and lifestyle application for the mobile phone with a Run for Cash system.

After not quite 1.5 years you have already made it to the Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine to report about you. That is impressive. How did you do it?

Yes, it is indeed impressive and we are incredibly proud and happy about this recognition. It’s because we’re developing an ingenious product. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved; that means our app users – the marketing partners (called BePartner) and also the investors.

The users are paid for a healthy and active lifestyle and rewarded with vouchers and discounts. Our motto is: Be Fit. Be Fast. Get Paid. BePartners from the sports, fitness, health, wellness and nutrition sectors can offer their goods and services on our platform and thus multiply their sales, as they can access a strongly pre-selected customer clientele and can drastically reduce their marketing costs.

The investors receive 50% of the partial company’s profit. This combination of all this is unknown so far. The sports and fitness market in all its forms is simply gigantic. And who doesn’t want to be paid for running?

—————————————————————— — a mobile application with a unique ‘run for cash’ system powered by blockchain technology


That sounds very extensive. What is so special about your startup?

It’s the whole cycle! We have developed a self-contained economic system, the BeUniverse… yes corporate identity and branding is everything! The basis is a pedometer in the mobile phone. At first nothing special. The steps taken by the users will mine our own crypto currency, the BFC (BeFasterCoin). This can be exchanged into local currencies, used for InAPP purchases, used in our BeFaster game and even used for purchases at BePartner’s.

Let me summarize: You run all day, you mine coins and use them to buy, for example, your new running shoes or your massage for less money. The coin can also be used for our challenges. So we have created another motivation to do sports.

You can compete against people all over the world digitally and arrange competitions and bet your coins. The winner gets the stake of the other. We are also convinced that has the chance to positively influence, if not change the Blockchain and Cryptoworld.

Wow, change the Blockchain and Cryptoworld? Those are big words! How do you want to do that?

So far the crypto- and blockchain world is reserved for a comparatively small circle. Depending on how progressive the governments are, individual states have better or worse access to the topic. For many people all this is still a bit abstruse, they are afraid, they don’t know their way around, they have prejudices and no idea how all these setup processes work.

Currently, two things are mainly connected with the Cryptoworld: Trading and Gambling. If I can’t do one and don’t want the other, then Crypto is not for me. So the general quote. will solve this knot. We are an application for everyone with a smartphone, no matter how sporty or unsporty.

We have made it our business to get our BeUsers (yes, there it is again) used to handling a digital currency and to present the whole process in a playful way. The ultimate goal is to make the presentation as simple and understandable as possible.

Our business idea is mass-adaptive. Everybody runs, almost everybody has a smartphone, everybody will use our crypto currency. We are the use case the Blockchain- and Cryptoworld has been waiting for so long!

That’s a big task! Tell me something about your team and your skills!

I’m a lawyer, I worked in the financial industry for many years and because of my personality I’m responsible for the big picture. Maximilian Jurtz is Chief Finance Officer, he was very successful for many years in financial and management consulting for medium-sized and large companies. Despite his affinity for the topic of money, he has an outstanding talent for personnel and team management.

Frank Schulze is our Chief Technology Officer. He is the creative head of the founder – 3 – team, consisting of him, Maximilian and me. We are very proud to have Herbert R. Sim also known as The Bitcoin Man in our team as Angel Investor and Adviser. His experience and his motivating and sometimes critical words are priceless.

Our team also includes Nicole Preda, excuse me, but a goddess in the form of a webmaster. Her speed of work, creativity and efficiency is rarely found. Thomas Thiemann, also a lawyer and our Chief Operating Officer with an eye for detail and a very strong sense for people. Timo Lenneper-Sommer is our economic engineer and controller, numbers, data and facts are his passion. Fast and thorough, like lightning!

Giovanni Kague is our Chief Sales Manager. He is very experienced and progressive thinking and will ideally market BeFaster internationally on a technological level. Daniel Casanova is our Community Manager. He has our backs and makes the English speaking community happy. Several times a week we receive applications from all over the world to fill more positions. We are very proud that our start-up is already perceived as an attractive employer.

Irina Manilitsch, Chief Executive Officer of BeFaster, speaks to FortuneZ reporter


Sounds good, but there are no programmers or IT people among you? How do you plan to implement all this?

That is correct. Here we decided to hire one of the best European companies for this immense task and to put this responsibility in the best hands. After all, it’s not just about creating an app with a nice design, it’s about creating a whole platform economy, on block chain basis and with an AI. At our side is Exozet GmBH, which has already worked for international giants such as Audi, The Settlers of Catan, numerous TV stations, BBC and Siemens.

Where will take you in the future? What plans do you have.

Wow, that question gives me goose bumps. Our first goals are our own gadgets that simplify the mining process, like the bands and running shoes. We also want to add an adaptation of fitness equipment. We also have our own gyms on the plan. The new technologies are also focused.

BeFaster will integrate an AI into the system, which will focus on healthy lifestyle and exercise, for each individual user. Furthermore, augmented reality is an essential technical cornerstone that will raise the challenges to a higher level. In the future, all this will have to be based on quantum computers, but there is still a lot of research to be done.

We would be pleased if we could also make our contribution to this. A great personal dream is the creation of a Foundation with a charity background, which operates worldwide and helps people financially to enable or restore their mobility.

At the beginning you spoke about investors. How exactly do you mean that? has two tokens, unlike what is common in the world today. The one that is mined within the app by running, later also cycling and swimming, and a pure investor token, the BeFasterHolderCoin (BFCH). This gives the investors a right to enjoy our partial profits. We pass on 50% to the investors. This is completely new so far. Investors receive their automatic payout in crypto currency every three months as long as they keep the BFCH in their wallet.

Of course, this will also be tradable. We plan to list the token on the largest exchanges in the last quarter of 2020.  But why would you want to sell it?! In any case, investors have the possibility to buy our token with Bitcoin, Etherium, Tronix and Fiat currency via credit card. More information about this can be found on our homepage.

Impressive, it sounds like it won’t take long and more media publications will be covering you again soon.

Yes, that is our hope and our goal. But next time, with the content of how has turned the fitness and sports industry upside down.

(Photos: FortuneZ)

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