Hashgraph Partners With Chopra Foundation To Develop Mental Health Platform

Hashgraph partners with Chopra Foundation to develop mental health platform. Hashgraph has partnered with the Chopra Foundation to create, within five years, a mental health network that they hope will reach 1 billion users. The main emphasis of the initiative will be on suicide prevention, but they plan to eventually turn it into a broader network of mental health.

According to the press release, the “Never Alone Initiative” will “serve a global community, delivering secure access to scientific research, the work of mental health and wellness experts, and pragmatic tools and practices for everyday use.”

Hashgraph CEO Mance Harmon said he was familiar with the controversy surrounding Chopra’s practices, adding, “I think that the platform that is being created can be of value.” 

Harmon believes that if the project is a success, the Hashgraph system and Distributed Ledger Technology in general would be an import use case. The company’s technology will be used to authenticate content, monitor its usage and give creators a token of remuneration.

Most blockchains struggle when it comes to storing large media files; however, according to Harmon, Hashgraph’s unique design makes it highly suitable for this challenge.

The Chopra Foundation will also be running its own nodes, wherein the data will be stored. They claim that the data stored on the private network remains tempor-proof saying “When the content gets created, it gets hashed and the hash gets submitted to the HCS, gets its timestamp and then gets streamed back to this private network that stores everything.”

Harmon said that he likes the design of the Never Alone platform, “I really appreciate the model that the Never Alone Initiative is bringing to market here. And that is the model of combining crowdsourcing of content, curating that content, having the community at large effectively reward the content creators through there, through their participation and usage and remuneration through a token.” 

[image: Dan Meyers]

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