Gamelancer Launches Platform Where You Can Bring Hired Guns

Gamelancer has launched a new platform that seeks to give gamers a way to monetize their gaming prowess. The platform is looking to connect video game players with “Gamelancers” who can earn money by playing with and elevating the gaming experience for users that hire them as freelancers. Founded by Razvan Romanescu and Darren Lopes, Gamelancher will be available on desktop and mobile.

The Gamelancer launch comes after a successful seeding round led by Mayfair Global Ventures Corporation whose funding will support Gamelancer product development while expanding its iOS, Android, and PC applications.

The platform will allow users to have full control over who and when they play video games. Other users who go to the platform have a pay-to-play option that will allow them to connect with their favorite gamers or players of various skill levels. Also, users will be able to browse Gamelancers individually who can set their own prices and schedules on the platform. Gamelancers are allowed to set a customizable fee and additional options to entice users to play.

Having started in a “stealth mode” launch, Gamelancer has added over 6M followers over its combined TikTok channels.

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