FortuneZ Launches Blockchain and Crypto News Segment

London, UK, 3 August 2013 — Today, iGaming and FOREX news publication, FortuneZ, launches blockchain and crypto news segment.

“The publication’s board was convinced by strategic collaboration partner, Crypto Chain University‘s founder, Herbert Sim, that blockchain technology was legitimate, and that there was increasing demand for news, with words such as ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Cryptocurrency’ trending.” said spokesperson from FortuneZ. “The data presented cannot be denied, and it is aligned with the publication’s vision and name with regards to MONEY and FORTUNE.”

“This move by the 13-year publication is the right choice, the blockchain and crypto industry needs more media publications to give voice to this legitimate technology. Bitcoin is a technological tour de force, a technology that will one day see mass adoption across the world.” said Herbert Sim, “As a cypherpunk enthusiast, I support the idea of decentralization, power to the people, privacy and data rights, and Bitcoin is the embodiment of decentralization for finance and the economics of money and banking.”

Just earlier this year in June, Herbert Sim who is also the founder of WardrobeTrendsFashion, Asia’s high fashion and luxury online magazine, joined hands with FortuneZ on a strategic partnership.

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About FortuneZ founded in the century leap year 2000, is a media publication featuring blockchain, eSports, forex and iGaming news, written strictly for the industries’ professionals and aficionados. For more information, go to

About Crypto Chain University (CCU)

Crypto Chain University is the world’s first research institute for compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research papers. The University website is accessible via ☓.com or by its unicode/punycode of

About WardrobeTrendsFashion

WardrobeTrendsFashion, also known as WTF, is a high fashion and luxury online portal, featuring fashion lookbooks, campaigns and runway collections; luxury news in the different industries – automobile, aerospace, nautical, dining, watches, jewelry, technology; celebrity news, interviews; as well as charity – activities, events, campaigns by NGOs and Non-profit organizations. WTF strives towards being one of the world largest repository of fashion labels’ campaigns and lookbooks from across the globe.

WTF readers are international and are mostly from the upper echelons of the business world, C-level executives, experts and personnel from the fashion industry, film industry, and more. WTF is accessible via domain urls, and

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