Finnish Casino Players Value Reaching New High

Finish casino players value reaching new high. The casino industry in Finland is undergoing a mini-boom given the increased revenues casinos have been posting.

Although the footprint of land-based casinos in Finland is small, the Finns have nevertheless proven themselves to be committed casino-goers. The majority of punters prefer to gamble online.

In recent years, online casino usage has boomed. When speaking about online casinos, a spokesperson at said these are “currently the hottest trend in the casino world”. Due to the restrictions on gambling entities in the state, all of these online casinos are based outside Finland.

Access to these casinos is relatively simple for Finnish players. Currently, there are no restrictions put in place by the Finnish state preventing individual players from accessing these websites, which has helped these international operators to increase their market share of players within Finland.

However, although the Finnish Government would not deliberately restrict access to these pages, it is still incapable of advertising directly to Finnish-based customers.

The Finnish casinos have started to expand their online presence in response to the growing presence of foreign operators serving Finnish clients. The Veikkaus casino company recently revealed plans to invest substantially in its online services, which may pose a threat to those foreign operators.

[image: Alexandr Bormotin]

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