FBI Investigates Massive Twitter Hack

FBI investigates massive Twitter hack. The U.S. Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) is looking into Wednesday ‘s huge Twitter hack, which saw hundreds of accounts belonging to prominent figures and crypto-exchanges hacked to shill a sketchy crypto-scam.

The theft saw some $120,000 in bitcoin flow through the address in question, but it remains unknown if this is the total number sent by victims, or whether the perpetrator(s) laundered funds through the address itself. What is obvious is that Twitter has experienced an unparalleled loss of security, one that has impacted a former U.S. president, several billionaires and the largest organization of crypto news.

CipherTrace and Chainalysis, two blockchain forensics firms, both confirmed the FBI contacted them. Neither firm was able to disclose additional information; Chainalysis said it had “been contacted by several agencies,” while CipherTrace could only confirm the FBI had reached out.

Chainalysis and Elliptic reports that the stolen funds are already “on the move.” Chainalysis also disclosed the hackers sloshed their funds between wallets to inflate the scam’s apparent success.

[image: Yucel Moran]


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