Ex Google Lawyer Joins Group Of High-Profile Attorneys Entering Crypto

Ex Google lawyer joins group of high-profile attorneys entering crypto.The appointment of former Google Senior Legal Director Milana McCullagh as deputy general counsel for product and commercial law was confirmed on Friday by Coinbase Inc.

McCullagh, who has worked for more than 13 years at Google, will focus on product legal support through roles at Coinbase, helping the company streamline legal compliance for new product releases. His appointment is part of both a Coinbase campaign to attract legal talent that started last year, as well as a broader industry-wide movement of top-tier attorneys joining crypto firms.

Between August and October, Coinbase named Katherine Minarik, former Deputy General Counsel at Dyson Ltd., as Deputy General Counsel for Litigation; Carly Nuzbach Lowery, former Senior Legal Counsel at Uber Technologies Inc. in London, as Associate General Counsel; Jade Clemons, former Attorney at Fenwick, as Commercial Counsel; and Janice Clemons, Head of Supervisory Affairs at CLS Group Holdings AG, as General Counsel.

Additionally, these appointments coincide with the company’s recent decision to curtail “political” and “societal” discussions at work, which led to a request by 60 employees to take advantage of exit packages provided by the company.

[image: Andre Francois McKenzie]

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