Elon Musk Once Again Calls Out Crypto Scams On Twitter

World-renowned brainiac and latent bitcoin enthusiast, Elon Musk, has once again called out crypto scams on Twitter. According to the Tesla CEO, Bitcoin scammers have reached “new levels.”

Following yet another well-executed Bitcoin hoax, Musk spewed out a torrent of frustration—advising his followers to “report” scams as soon as they spot them.

The highly lauded tech entrepreneur cited a scam emanating from the verified Twitter account of English documentarian, Bruce Parry. The since-deleted Tweets were enough to prompt gaming aficionado @nichegamer, to write:

Supposedly, Parry’s Twitter was hacked and used to promote a Bitcoin scam, although this is, as yet, unconfirmed.

Whatever occurred, it was enough to provoke a serious call of action from Musk:

This isn’t Elon’s first tangle with crypto tricksters. Speaking during his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, Musk noted that it was “Bitcoin and Ethereum scammers” that inspired him to infamously tweet: “Wanna Buy some Bitcoin?”

Musk himself has been at the center of a cryptocurrency scam. Back in 2018, a verified Twitter account impersonating Musk promoted a ‘crypto giveaway.’  Shortly after, Musk reached out to Dogecoin creator, Jackson Palmer, to ask for help getting rid of “annoying spam scammers.”

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