EA’s UFC 4 Focuses On Fighter’s Backstory

EA‘s UFC 4 focuses on fighter’s backstory. It’s been three years since the last release of a UFC game by EA, and the firm is clearly eager to show some progress. UFC 4 was unveiled by the publisher, where the focus is on developing the backstory of your fighter in career mode. Every action feeds into the skillset of your character — kick often and over time you’ll get better at it.

Players can also develop friendships and rivalries that influence their skill development. In theory, it’s a more wholistic progression system that encourages you to play in your preferred style.

There are changes to the core mechanics. There are now more fluid clinch-to-strike combos that promise to be more realistic, revamped takedowns (with new ability- and control-based animations) and simplified control for submissions.

Players can expect four new environments that touch on the “origins” of mixed martial arts, such as The Kumite and a backyard brawl. And true to the UFC series’ habit of including non-MMA stars, EA is bringing boxing rivals Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to the game (available on launch for pre-orders).

[image: Youtube]

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