‘Doom Eternal’ Classic Mode Recreates Original Game’s Aesthetics

‘Doom Eternal’ classic mode recreates original game’s aesthetics. id Software rolled out Doom Eternal’s second update. It comes with new Render modes that allows players the chance to play the gam in different visual styles. One of the new modes called Classic turns Eternal into a pixelated game with a 256 color palette looking like the original Doom for PC.  It’s not just for Photo mode, players can play the game using the filter if they want a throwback to ‘90s version Doom.

Additionally, id released three other Render Modes: Gritty, Cinematic and Black & White. Players can enable them in video settings like Classic Mode if they like 2016 Doom’s aesthetics.

In addition to the new modes, id also introduced a new Battlemode Arena called Torment where the Titans, used as research specimens, remain prisoners. Eternal’s Castle Grayscale mini-event is now live featuring black-and-white collectibles. There’s also a Hack to the Future II event coming soon, which lets you unlock Doom’s skeleton Revenant monster collectibles.

[image: Flickr]

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