DMM Announces Official Founding of Cryptocurrency Mining Lab

Japan’s is widely known for its presence in the forex (FX) industry, through its trading subsidiary Securities. As the world adapts to the growing cryptocurrency market, the company is taking major steps to becoming a player in the blockchain industry as well. Its most recent move involves the creation of a Research and Development specialty lab for cryptocurrency mining, which will operate under the name DMM Mining Labo.

DMM Mining Labo was established in an effort to enhance DMM’s profitability, by becoming a leader in crypto mining. “At DMM Mining Labo, in pursuing the highest possible hash power, its core team of mining machine experts and professionals go through cycles of experimentations and iterations, enhancing the set-up and tuning of our specialty machine.” The company is fully engaged in advancing into the cryptocurrency field through multiple avenues. In addition to the mining lab, DMM is set to launch its own crypto exchange this month.

Long-Term Goals

DMM aims to become one of the largest cryptocurrency mining labs in the world. As previously reported by FortuneZ, DMM plans to create and develop a mining operation that will rank in the top three of the world’s mining farm companies, with regard to scalability. DMM plans to have an operation that ranks in the top three of the world’s mining farm companies in terms of scale.

The company has set a thorough agenda, through which it intends to achieve groundbreaking results in the field of crypto mining. “In the foreseeable future, the goal of DMM Mining Labo is to achieve the highest per unit hash power for our machines. Realizing this goal will enable DMM to optimize its common interests with investors and potential customers for the cloud mining services, which DMM will be offering. In the long-term future, DMM is examining options for manufacturing of their original mining machines, expanding operations beyond use of ready-made units.”

DMM Mining Labo’s acknowledgement of the importance of staying ahead of the technological curve has opened it up to creating strategic partnerships with research institutes and other development corporations. Its desire is to gain more exposure and accessibility to advanced tech solutions that can improve its crypto mining capabilities. DMM Mining Labo is also searching for an edge through potential partnerships with manufacturing companies, enabling the testing of “pre-market technologies.”

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