Degree 53 Unveils A New PMU Horse Racing App For Loterie Romande

Degree 53, specialists in UX, design and software development, have delivered a new and improved horse racing retail app for Loterie Romande. The pool betting app (PMU) offers enhanced native functionality and additional interactive features for horse racing enthusiasts.

The PMU app enables Loterie Romande customers to easily place bets on their favorite horses, find information about each race and horse, as well as watching the races from their device. The app provides personalized content according to Beginner or Expert level with customizable betting options. As customers can only place bets at a retail outlet, the app generates a QR code with race selections that can be easily scanned and processed when the customer is ready.

Degree 53 partnered with the Swiss lottery operator to create a brand new experience for their PMU retail app, offering the latest native features and an intuitive customer experience. Loterie Romande product owners can also easily update content and make use of new marketing features on the app.

Peter Voets, Chief Marketing & eCommerce Officer at Loterie Romande says: “I’m very excited about our new PMU app. We enjoyed the collaborative process with the team at Degree 53, and their expertise and enthusiasm for delivering a high-quality app really shone through.”

“The team elevated our app thanks to the consideration for UX and app design standards. It’s also a great solution for speeding up the betting process at our retail outlets, making it efficient for both customers and vendors. We’re very happy with the end result and have had very positive feedback from our customers too. I look forward to launching our next project soon.”

Richard Wagstaff, Managing Director at Degree 53 shares: “I’m really proud of our team and this project. It’s a huge milestone for us as we worked on it entirely remotely without letting the pandemic affect our work. It’s a great product that bridges the gap between online and retail channels, making it a more enjoyable experience with the brand. The best part is that there is more to come and this first release is just the beginning of the journey to enhance all of Loterie Romande’s apps. I can’t wait to share more information about our partnership very soon.”

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