Cypto Analyst Says These 3 Altcoins Are the ‘Most Undervalued’ in the Top 300

Recently, crypto analyst and influencer Tyler Swope identified three “undervalued” altcoins among the top 300 crypto assets by market cap and explained why they are undervalued.

In a recent YouTube video, the host of the “Chico Crypto” YouTube channel talked about Compound ($COMP), Energy Web Token ($EWT), and Perpetual Protocol ($PERP). Here, we look at some highlights from the comments he made in this video.

Compound ($COMP)

Compound CEO and founder… said this just last week, ‘Today I had the opportunity to present Compound and DeFi to the Federal Reserve staff.’ Compound is bullish.

Energy Web Token ($EWT)

I love Energy Web. I know what is going to happen with it. It is changing the energy game… many many pilot programs going on. Unfortunately, the team is focused on building not necessarily the token price, which is a good thing in my opinion… but it just gives you time to accumulate in my opinion...

But why I think it’s a pick that [should be] on the way up is [that the team is] starting to focus on tokenomics and things like that… I’m always bullish on EWT.

Perpetual Protocol ($PERP)

“They do have a product out and it’s pushing out fundamentally great volumes… I go with fundamentals every time… Perpetual is a decentralized perpetual contract for different assets…They’re looking to move into gold assets, synthetic assets, but they are only in the crypto asset stage right now.

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