Coinbase’s Mark Kelly Joins Cappitech’s Board of Advisors

Mark Kelly, a professional with more than three decades of financial and regulatory experience, has joined Cappitech’s Board of Advisors, the company announced this Thursday.

Cappitech provides reporting and intelligence solutions to the financial services industry. In particular, the company’s products are focused on meeting regulatory requirements and utilizing regulatory data.

As part of the Cappitech team, Kelly, who is the Head of Compliance UK for Coinbase, will lend his expertise to help the company enhance its product offering to the financial services sector.

Commenting on the appointment, Ronen Kertis, CEO and Founder of Cappitech, said: “We are pleased that Mark has agreed to join our Board of Advisors and believe his highly specialized insight into the regulatory environment will have an important impact on the development of new products as well as engagements with customers.

“He has a well-deserved reputation for extensive knowledge and exceptional insight into the challenges facing our clients and the industry. We look forward to working with him.”

Mark Kelly’s extensive career

During his career, which commenced in the ’80s, Kelly has held a number of senior roles at a variety of firms. Among these roles includes being a Director at Abide Financial, his seven-year tenure at Salomon Brothers, where he was an Audit Manager, and his four-year stint at Lehman Brothers in the same role.

Kelly has also worked at Barclays, where he held the role of Global Head of IT Audit, PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Senior Consultant and Grant Thornton, as a Technology Risk Consultant.

“Clients often have multiple queries regarding reporting regimes and need to be certain that their reporting assumptions and processes are appropriate,” added Kelly. “Cappitech’s approach, which looks at the practical realities of reporting requirements and aims to lessen the burden while maximising the re-use of collected data is one I fully support.”

“I’m looking forward to engaging with their business as they further enhance their already comprehensive suite of reporting products.”

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