CEO Brad Garlinghouse Envisions Ripple To Be On The Level Of As Amazon In Five Years

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse imagines the blockchain and payment protocol company to be on the level of e-commerce giant Amazon in five years.

Speaking in an interview with CNN’s Julia Chatterly on Monday, Garlinghouse explained that Ripple and XRP are in a good position, despite the short term emphasis on price.

Garlinghouse chose to focus on the long-term outlook for both Ripple and cryptocurrency, comparing the nascent hundred-billion dollar market capitalization for crypto to the trillions commanded by gold. He highlighted the potential for Ripple’s growth into the financial and payments ecosystem, with projects such as Coil delivering real-world solutions and innovation.

Ripple’s CEO also lauded his company’s growth over the last year, despite the bear market. He said, “We’ve added more than 150 employees last year, at a time when I think others have been less focused on solving real-world problems. There’s been a bunch of lay offs in crypto community over the past weeks.”

Garlinghouse cited the massive growth of Amazon from online bookseller to e-commerce giant as a company for Ripple to emulate. He told Chatterly, “I hope that in 5 years we’re not just Amazon books, we’re Amazon.”

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