Bodog Continues Privacy Battle With PokerScout

[image credit : Bodog]

Online entertainment company Bodog Poker Network is continuing its privacy battle with online poker traffic-reporting website PokerScout as part of its campaign against poker tracking and poker volume tracking websites.

According to, the company has been attempting to create a new recreational model for online poker players.

Bodog has opted to move to completely anonymous tables, which is a strategy that has included large investments in technology to block websites from garnering proprietary data from poker games. This makes it impossible for third parties to collected Bodog poker data, meaning tracking sites and makers of poker heads-up display software leave the Bodog Poker Network.

As a result of Bodog’s security measures, PokerScout was forced to add an estimate to the numbers it attributes to Bodog Poker Network on the site, which are figures then sold to clients of PokerScout.

Bodog did recently manage to make PokerScout disappear for 24 hours but estimated data supposedly collected from Bodog is now back in the traffic data supplied by PokerScout.

Anonymous poker gives players the chance to play with the confidence that they are in a fair space and this real data is in fact not real data when estimated or obtained and sold without the consent of participants.

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