Blockchain In The Air Force

Blockchain in the Air Force. Since receiving seed funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a crypto-chat app in 2017, SIMBA Chain has been investigating blockchain on behalf of the military. Since then, both the Navy and the Air Force have entered into multiple SBIR contracts with the platform, a project of Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies.

The company has become an advocate for the use of blockchain in the military supply chain, an expansive network of billions of dollars worth of thousands of parts moving across tens of borders every day. Last month, SIMBA Chain co-wrote a white paper hailing blockchain-enhanced supply chains for the private sector.

Jeffrey Slayton, director of Special Programs, Strategy and Policy for the USAF said that “Emerging technologies like SIMBA Chain’s blockchain platform have the potential to achieve the reliable exchange of information over an unreliable network where not all participants can be trusted, and in so doing, continue to advance the technological supremacy of America’s air, space and cyber forces”. 

“SIMBA Chain could also help the military get ahead of problems that may arise with the proliferation of new technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can draw analysis from reams of data – assuming that data is legitimate. That’s where blockchain can come in”. Joe Neidig SIMBA Chain CEO said.

[image: Flickr]

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