Black Ops Cold War Zombies Receives Two New Modes In Season One Update

Black Ops Cold War Zombies receives two new modes in season one update. The two new Black Ops Cold War Zombies modes are included in playlists, named Jingle Hells and Cranked. Former mode places players on a winter-themed spin on the Die Maschine map, with zombies sporting Christmas decorations, and special things like snowballs capable of freezing zombies in their tracks.

Meanwhile, Cranked tasks players killing zombies before the countdown timer expires, which is identical to the Modern Warfare multiplayer mode. Players need to destroy the undead as soon as possible, as long as they don’t kill, the character of the player will burst.

There’s two brand new weapons making their launch in Zombies today. The Mac-10 sub-machine gun and the Groza assault rifle can now be found as part of the loot pool in Zombies, obtainable through the Mystery Box which spits out a random weapon at the player that activates it.

Finally, there’s new Daily and Seasonal Challenges in Zombies. While the Daily Challenges won’t take players that long, but will dish out some handy XP for levelling up the brand new Battle Pass, the Seasonal Challenges will take players a lot longer to complete, but will give them better rewards.

The new update that introduced all these features for Zombies launched Black Ops Cold War Season One for Treyarch’s game. The aforementioned Battle Pass is now active, and can be upgraded through XP earned in both Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone.

[image: Wallpapersden]

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