Bitpanda Recruits Lindsay Ross as Its New Chief Human Resources Officer

Bitpanda announced that it has recruited Lindsay Ross as its new Chief Human Resources Officer, effective from June 2021.

FortuneZ recently learned in a press release that Lindsay Ross, a veteran with experience in communications, has been appointed by Bitpanda, an Austrian-based cryptocurrency exchange, as its new Chief Human Resources Officer.

Bitpanda states that it has big plans to reinvent the world of finance, making it accessible for everyone. In order to achieve this, they need excellent products, innovative tech and fast-moving talented individuals. Since there is fierce competition in the fintech marketplace, it is increasingly more difficult to recruit, hire and retain critical people for a business, like Bitpanda. In a hypergrowth environment, there is a great deal of pressure to achieve this due to the sheer volume of the new talent required to keep pace with a rapidly scaling company.

Ross brings wide experience in hypergrowth to the company and shares in its company vision. She will make a good fit for Bitpanda as she has the right amount of energy, passion and empathy. Additionally, she will lead the organisation through its People and Workplaces teams. Also, since the company does not hold rigid HR policies and procedures, it empowers its staff through trust and responsibility.

Looking Back at Ross’ Vocation

Prior to relocating to Vienna, Austria to join Bitpanda, Ross served MessageBird as a Global Director of People. For around 18 months, she fulfilled the role in the Netherlands.

Earlier on, Adyen recruited her as Global HR and Head of Talent, Culture and Community Development. From December 2017, she was also a dedicated business partner, advisor and coach in European countries. She accomplished this as the company experienced hyper-growth and produced incredible innovations for the payments industry.

Before that at Varova Fashion Holdings, she was the Senior HR Business Partner and Head of Talent & Corporate Communications for just under a year. She led people and transformation strategies to consolidate 12 independent fashion and lifestyle brands into a unified, private equity-backed business platform.

At Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, Ross was the Director of Global Employer Branding & Internal Communications. For two years, she led the global employer branding and communications strategies. This connected, engaged and united colleagues from around the world, with over 17,000 employees from 115 countries.

From 2011 to 2015, PVH Europe (Tommy Hilfiger Global and Calvin Klein Europe) utilised Ross’ skills and experience. For the first two years, he was the Talent Development & Employer Branding Consultant. Then he received a promotion for the post of Director of European Talent Management & Organizational Development.

Also, at Nike, he took on the role of Integrated Talent Management Specialist for just over a year. Located in the Netherlands, he worked across Talent Acquisition, Talent Development and Talent Planning teams to help identify, develop and move its best employees across more than 30 countries.

(Photo: Bitpanda)

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