Bitcoin Sextortion Scam Targets User Webcams

A massive bitcoin sextortion scam is ransoming users by threatening to leak footage from their webcam while viewing adult websites.

Reddit user uclatommy first alerted the crypto community to a series of complaints filed on BitcoinAbuse related to the sextortion scam. According to numerous complains, victims are receiving an email ransom to pay $1,000 in bitcoin in order to avoid having their private information leaked.

The email reads, “I had a threatening viruses infect your own pc and also record video clip of YOU (using your webcam) when you looked at ‘adult’ sites.”

The email claims to have access to the victim’s address book and threatens to send compromising footage to their contacts unless the ransom is paid.

The email continues, “At this moment, exactly what do I want to make this entire thing vanish? Very well, I have already described the particular offer in beginning of the e-mail. If you do not fulfill it within Twenty-four hours, I am going to make your life nightmare by delivering that video clip to Everyone you know. Your time frame starts right now.”

Members of the crypto community claimed the email’s grammatical errors and vocabulary point towards the scam originating in North Korea. Users were warned not to pay the ransom as the majority of these scams are empty threats.

[image credit : Flickr]

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