Bitcoin Cash Visa Debit Card is Coming Soon

With the first listing of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange on Sunday, Bitcoin is becoming mainstream. But its arch-rival Bitcoin Cash is not sitting idle.

Yesterday, Roger Ver, CEO of, took to Twitter to announce that will soon be launching a Bitcoin Cash Visa debit card.

This is a huge step as there is no native payment card available yet and crypto enthusiasts have to convert their Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies to enjoy the plastic payment services.

The Bitcoin community is mostly divided between the two communities, one advocating Bitcoin Cash and the other totally against it. This disagreement led to the generation out of thin air of an all-new coin with billions of dollars in market cap. But since then, the Bitcoin Cash community is growing and is now one of largest in the crypto space.

Roger Ver, one of the most vocal advocates of Bitcoin Cash, often argues that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, and that it follows the original guidelines of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper.

According to Roger, Bitcoin’s development community has failed the coin due to its high transaction costs and network delays. To him, an ideal digital currency should be globally accessible and feasible to use all over the world, even in the economically distressed regions of Africa.

Bitcoin cash also has many advantages over Bitcoin. With a block size of 8 MB compared to Bitcoin’s 1 MB, Bitcoin Cash’s network is capable of handling a higher number of transactions which is a massive roadblock in the Bitcoin network today. Also, the transaction fees of Bitcoin Cash are a fraction of Bitcoin’s.

Meanwhile, the global credit card giant VISA is also trying to dominate the payment processing sector of the crypto economy. Recently VISA has also partnered with cryptocurrency payment processing firms like LykkeMonaco, and others to launch VISA prepaid cards. VISA has also announced a plan to roll out the blockchain-based B2B payments system in early 2018.

Bitcoin cash has seen a massive surge in value after the cancellation of SegWit 2x, and now with this partnership it will surely attract a lot more people to the community.

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