Betsoft Compliant With New Gambling Regulations In Germany

BetSoft compliant with new gambling regulations in Germany. The German Interstate Treaty on Gambling has formally entered its transition phase prior to completely coming into law on 1 July 2021.  The German authorities are calling for immediate enforcement between 15 October 2020 and next summer in order to prevent possible pitfalls or even indictment of the operators.

“Operators are required to comply with player protections guidelines, addiction prevention measures and the terms of each vertical to be ready for July 2021 at the latest. Betsoft has ensured that standard obstacles to regulation have already been overcome insofar as the October/December 2020 requirements have been met. These changes were actioned promptly. Should any further changes or new requirements come into force, then we will meet those with the same speed and efficiency,” Kai Botha, marketing manager at Betsoft, said.

“Over 20 key operators are in place already with many more currently in the process of so doing. The team is burning the midnight oil to ensure that the remaining operators are onboarded as smoothly and efficiently as possible during this phase. Betsoft is renowned for its customer service and back office systems so we are confident we will make this as seamless a transition as possible,” Adam Daniel, Head of account management at Betsoft, said.

“Betsoft is a very forward-thinking and proactive business. We operate in highly regulated markets and compliance is as enshrined as our trademark innovation and entertainment skills. I don’t see significant change being necessary. We will continue with our strategy of delivering an award-winning and diverse portfolio of high-quality games to our constantly growing client base. Change breeds opportunity. For the time being, however, our focus is on promoting the Betsoft product in a dynamic market and concentrating on customer service there. In summary, it’s business as usual,” Botha said.

“Currently we are very capable of meeting and overcoming technical requirements; moreover, we are able to meet them quickly. We are confident in committing ourselves to whatever iterations come from the German regulator. The situation is still very malleable though, making it difficult to gauge the extent and scope of potential obstacles. However, as always, we are fully supportive of and prepared to serve our loyal customers in this market,” Daniel concluded.

[image: Kai Pilger]

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