Baidu Launches Chinese Version of CryptoKitties

Last year, the cute kittens of CryptoKitties made quite a mess on Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain-based virtual game was so popular that it clogged up the Ethereum network. Now, the Chinese search engine and AI giant Baidu has come up with its own version of CryptoKitties, only instead of cats, there will be dogs. The blockchain-based game is called Leci Gou, which translates as “Lets Go”.

The project is being developed by Baidu’s blockchain lab, which has an affiliation with Hyperledger’s global blockchain consortium.

The game of Leci Gou

Similar to CryptoKitties, each dog will have a unique set of genomes, and the dogs can be bred. These dogs can be traded and sold, and a blockchain network will record all transactions. These dogs have eight special attributes, a combination of which will decide the uniqueness of each virtual dog. The attributes include ordinary, unusual, remarkable, epic, mythological, and legendary.

Like any other DAPP, the doggies can only be purchased by using the blockchain’s own token. Points can be collected by using Baidu’s products and they can be spent using Baidu’s wallet. These points cannot be used for any other transactions. The game will also integrate a wallet feature for easy transactions between the players.

According to Chinese news outlets and Leiphone, Baidu has released the public beta version of the game so that it can be downloaded and played by anyone, but the team is still working on its development.

Meanwhile, AxiomZen is introducing the famous CryptoKitties to its mobile platform. In a recent interview with Quartz, Benny Giang, founder of CryptoKitties, revealed that the developers will launch the mobile version (only on iOS) of the game in greater China and Singapore during the coming year. The launch date has not been decided yet.

However, without any active cryptocurrency exchange in China, and also with the expected access block to foreign exchanges, it will not be an easy task for the Chinese players to experience the game as players in other parts of the world do.

(Photo: screenshot of website)

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