Australian State Government Plans Gambling App Classification To Protect Children

The State Government for South Australia (SA) is to implement new classification measures to help prevent children from becoming addicted to apps and websites that simulate gambling.

The Herald Sun newspaper reported that Jay Weatherill, SA State Government’s Premier, said that the new cyber betting policy would ban the sale of simulated gambling apps to children.

The policy includes plans for SA to classify problem apps for different age groups. Apps are currently rated for sexual and violent content by national authorities in the country.

Other new measures include the creation of a ‘watch list’ of problem websites for parents to monitor, a public awareness campaign, and asking the private sector to develop online tools that will advise about how to monitor exposure to games.

SA Government has written to Apple to seek compliance with the new policy.

“Research has shown that early exposure to gambling-like games may lead to some children developing problem gambling habits later in life,” Weatherill said.

“I won’t stand back and watch a new generation of gambling addicts emerge, so we are going to lead the nation again by taking these steps. We will work together with parents, carers and teachers to ensure that our children can make good choices about their online activities.”

Weatherill said that he is hoping to put the matter on the Council of Australian Governments’ agenda next month and finalise a national agreement on classifying gambling apps.

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