Astralis Fined By LEC For Multiple Late Payments

Astralis fined by LEC for multiple late payments. On Tuesday, after an investigation exposing numerous late payments to team members and bad conduct by the team’s temporary GM surfaced, the League of Legends European Championship fined Astralis EUR 5,000 ($5,870).

In a blog post Tuesday, Riot Games confirmed the decision, outlining that the payment problems stemmed from both Danish authority processes and human error, and that the Astralis interim GM had misrepresented contract terms to some team members and in another instance committed verbal misconduct. Riot said Astralis was cooperating with their investigation and settling the conflicts between them and the members of their team.

In addition to the fine, the LEC said it would develop new procedures to allow members of the team to report possible complaints to the ownership group of Astralis. Riot also asked Astralis to set up a new on-boarding programme to help team members recognise and define the tax forms and holiday pay expected in Denmark. Astralis is based in Copenhagen , Denmark, rather than in Berlin, where matches are played, unlike most other LEC teams. The company and their interim GM have both been given official warnings by Riot.

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