ACY Securities Appoints Superstar Clifford Bennett as Chief Economist

ACY Securities, one of the world’s fastest growing tier-1 ASIC regulated brokers has announced the appointment of high-profile market veteran, Clifford Bennett as their Chief Economist.

Bennett, who has over 35 years of economic and market trading experience is an internationally renowned predictor of the global markets, earning the following titles by some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets:

“World’s most accurate currency forecaster” –Bloomberg New York.

“Guru of the Australian dollar” –Australian Financial Review

“Big Call Bennett” – Peter Switzer, The Switzer Show

Having worked as an analyst for some of the largest investment banks including BNP Paribas and Macquarie Bank, Bennett has been a regular guest on Bloomberg News, CNBC, Financial Times and ABC, sharing his views on the markets to a global audience of millions.

Incredibly, Bennett was also the first economist in world to forecast the Australian dollar would rise above parity (from 76 cents), at a time when every major bank thought it was impossible to break above 80 cents.

When asked about Bennett’s appointment, Justin Pooni, Head of Marketing, Branding & Communications at ACY Securities said that ACY now have the best team of analysts in Australia and the biggest winners are the clients of ACY Securities. Mr Pooni commented:

“Does ACY, as a broker, have the best market analysis team in the world? I would say very likely. Does ACY, as a broker, have the best market analysis team in Australia? I would say most definitely”. He continued to explain:

“What we (ACY Securities) have set out to do is assemble the very best team of market analysts in Australia, if not the world. And by installing the legendary Clifford Bennett as the leader of our already very experienced and formidable team of analysts, I can’t think of any other broker who might even come close to challenging us. And the biggest winners are of course our clients.

They are the only reason why we are doing all this. We are big believers in providing solid trading education and premium market analysis for the benefit of our clients and with Clifford now part of the team, we’ll be able to deliver our clients something very special. On behalf of ACY Securities, I extend a very warm welcome to Clifford Bennett”.

When asked what he could bring to ACY in his capacity as Chief Economist and leader of ACY’s analysis team, Mr Bennett said that with the quality and experience of the team already in place he would be aiming to be no less than number one for the clients of ACY.

“We have to lift our clients above the daily noise and deliver something very special. Adding true value and clarity to their trading and investment process is what I will be focusing on. The team at ACY is extremely talented, highly specialized and very experienced – one of the strongest I’ve seen. They are world leading across technical analysis, forecasts, specific market price action opportunities as well as education. With a team like that there is no reason for us not to be number 1 in the industry, and to do so for our clients. I’m absolutely delighted to be a part of the ACY family”, Mr Bennett said in a statement this evening.

Clifford Bennet was also invited to address the internationally prestigious APEC Summit in Russia on reserve currency issues, and the Caixin Summit in Beijing on future Chinese trade patterns.

He Is also the author of “Warrior Trading”, published by John Wiley & Sons in New York.

(Photo: ACY Securities)

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