Unlucky Truck Rolls A Crit Fail, Spills Thousands And Thousands Of Gaming Dice

How many dice have you rolled in your life, do you think? Maybe 1,000 or more, if you’re particularly partial to tabletop games or, I guess, gambling? That’s a lot of dice, right? Well, multiply that by 216 times to get a grand total of around 216,000 dice, because that’s the estimated number of them that spilled out on a Georgia highway late last week.

According to Kotaku, which spoke with the community manager for tabletop company Trivium Games, where the games were destined, the spill occurred on Interstate 75 in Atlanta when a truck filled with dice took a sharp turn and dropped half its load on the road. Highway response units helped company employees clean up the mess with brooms and shovels. The company representative noted that the game the dice were intended for isn’t set to launch until 2020, and nobody got hurt, so it could be worse.

“On Friday afternoon in Atlanta, our truck, which was carrying three palettes of Chessex dice for an upcoming game, took a turn a little too sharply,” the description for the YouTube video of the cleanup process states. “Roughly half the dice spilled across the interstate. About 216,000 individual dice were lost, making this the largest unofficial dice roll in history.”

But what did they roll, exactly, with all those dice? A rough estimate based on the most statistically likely outcome — an average of 7 — puts the total roll at about 756,000.

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