United Nations : Attending Pyongyang’s Blockchain & Crypto Conference Could Violate International Sanctions

[image credit : DPRK Government]

The United Nations has warned people not to attend the Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference.

Following last week’s indictment in the US of Ethereum Foundation researcher Virgil Griffith regarding his activities in North Korea (read more), the United Nations has warned attending an upcoming cryptocurrency conference in Pyongyang is likely to be a violation of international sanctions.

According to a 15th January Reuters report, the United Nations made the warning in a confidential report due to be submitted to the Security Council within weeks.

As we reported last year, the United Nations estimates the rogue nation has made around $2 billion from cyberattacks against banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and institutions around the world – money the UN believes is helping fund North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction programs (read more).

The second annual Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference is slated to take place from 22-29 February, with organisers even promising that any Americans attending won’t have their passports stamped so there will be no evidence of their entry to the country.

Despite the many difficulties in attending the conference, from having to apply for the privilege, to trying to find flights and accommodation, and being under constant threat of arrest if you look at the wrong thing or stray from your communist minders, the organisers of the conference insist that over 80 organisations attended last years inaugural event.

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