Real Gold Can Now Be Digitalized for the Crypto Market

The new GOLD stablecoin has been launched by crypto platform Digital Gold, making it possible for both cryptocurrency and precious metal enthusiasts to own digitized real gold that is transferred over by blockchain technology.

The team at Digital Gold has developed a remarkable platform supporting ERC20 token and smart contracts, accurately and securely representing the world’s preferred precious metal, gold. Making this transaction available on the cryptocurrency market has truly made Digital Gold stand out, attracting real gold investors and blockchain communities, and bringing them together to leverage the economic potential of one of the world’s oldest stores of value.

GOLD stablecoin’s entrance to the blockchain market has created an established link between digital assets and real-world assets with one of the most sought after and expensive metals on the planet with the exception that there are no hidden fees. This is possible since the project offers free transactions between gold buyers and sellers.

Secure storage fees will also cost as little as 0.99% per year, working out to a very reasonable 0.0027% per day. These already low percentages will be reduced even further in the future once a new flexible fee policy is implemented.

The GOLD stablecoin isn’t a new blockchain or altcoin – it is its own digital representation of real gold. Physical wealth that is stored in a secure vault located in economically stable Singapore. The storage vault is owned by BullionStar, a global provider renowned for finding secure solutions and storing acknowledged treasures of the world at the highest level of security.

If that’s not enough assurance, GOLD is guaranteed by real-time audit of gold bullion assets and is secured in the vault with automatic strong ownership rights.

The GOLD token is reliable, secure and a completely private stablecoin able to operate via its platform with the utmost transparency. It cannot be seized or frozen for as long as the physcial gold backing it remains safe inside the storage vault. In comparison to Bitcoin, GOLD is a leader in preventing expropriation, while it is already recognized globally for its extremely low volatility. Ditching the inflationary aspects of other fiat-pegged stablecoins, GOLD will continuously increase in value, growing steadily with the price of gold itself.

Gold has a long established as a valued and highly sought after metal to preserve wealth since the earliest civilizations existed thousands of years. With blockchain technology, GOLD tokens are a quick and simple alternative to digitally store, buy, sell and invest in gold-backed assets. The GOLD stablecoin is just as stable and reliable as actual gold itself, but is far easier and cheaper to store using Digital Gold’s new alternative.

Use GOLD today and enjoy high liquidity, low service costs, zero transaction fees, complete privacy and a real-time online audit feature that will verify the amount of real gold the user owns in the vault at any time.

Just one GOLD token equals to one gram of gold with 99.9% purity. Gold is one of the longest standing and highest valued assets, and with this new launch by Digital Gold, it is no longer difficult to obtain. The Ethereum-based token can be purchased or redeemed 24/7 around the clock on the official marketplace and the best part is, there is no limit on how much gold can be bought. Founders and developers at Digital Gold are confident it will become a key element in the worldwide cryptocurrency ecosystem in the future.


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