Play’n GO Releases Coywolf Cash Video Slot

[image credit : Play’n Go]

Play’n GO has release their latest slot title into the market, the 5-reel video slot Coywolf Cash.

The game is based around an animal known as the Coywolf; a canid found in North America which is a hybrid of both coyotes and wolves.

Not to be confused with coyotes or wolves, Coywolves are extremely clever apex predators that have adapted to changes in their environment, bringing them to the top of their respective food chain

The game’s design is influenced by the Coywolf’s habitat, the woodland forests of Northern America, and it is seen in the artwork and imagery used, with animals such as Wolverines, Lynxes and Foxes also being employed as game symbols.

The game is the supplier’s final game release before ICE next week, the industry’s biggest event, where attendees will be able to experience a wide selection of Play’n GO title and ee games like Coywolf Cash up close.

CEO Johan Törnqvist spoke about the latest release, “We capture the essence of every game in its design — for example, the colourful tropical feel in Rainforest Magic. It was a lot of fun to base the game around an animal as interesting as the coywolf; I had no idea what they were before we started designing this game! With this game, the design reflects the nature and the surroundings of the Coywolf to immerse players in the game fully. A game should be an experience, not just a pastime, and that’s what we create with our releases.”

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