Overseas Gambling Sites Not Welcomed in Australia

The NSW Office of Responsible Gambling (ORG) has urged people not to gamble using overseas gambling sites such as casino games and slot machines.

These illegal gambling sites can include casino-style games, slot machines, scratchiest, betting on the outcome of lotteries, services that provide ‘in-play’ betting on sports events and wagering services not licensed by the Australian state or territory.

Natalie Wright Director of ORG said that with many sports suspended, and pubs, clubs and casinos temporarily closed, there is a risk that more people will turn to these sites that are unregulated.

She said “Overseas gambling websites are illegal in Australia, and people who use them face additional risks than when they gamble with a licensed Australian operator. “Some of these sites look legitimate, and they even look like they are Australian by using images such as the Australian flag and native animals.” 

“For people that do want to gamble online, you should only use services licensed in Australia, as there are consumer safeguards in place and responsible gambling options, such as the ability to set time and expenditure limits.” Ms Wright added.

(Photo: pixabay)

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