Match-Trade Expands Client Office with PRAXIS Cashier

Match-Trade Technologies, a provider of foreign exchange (forex) and cryptocurrency technology, announced this Thursday that it has recently integrated its Client Office with PRAXIS Cashier.

Match-Trade’s Client Office is a forex CRM portal, which helps brokers convert FX leads to traders. Under the agreement, the technology provider will be able to extend the number of payment options available on the portal.

According to the statement released today, Match-Trade specifically chose PRAXIS to integrate with because it supports more than 1,000 different payment methods. These range from tier-1 acquiring banks, e-wallets, cryptocurrency providers, and more.

PRAXIS Cashier deposit option

By integrating its Client Office with PRAXIS Cashier, the latter is now available as one of the deposit options on the FX portal, with no additional integration required. This means all the needed configurations, graphics adjustments, styling, and training is already provided for brokers during their onboarding with MTT and PRAXIS.

To connect, brokers are able to use any previously used PSP if it’s available in PRAXIS Cashier. If additional PSPs are needed, the cashier services provider can assist in directing brokers to the best providers for their target markets, the statement released today said.

Commenting on the partnership, Piotr Łągiewski, Head of Product Development at Match-Trade Technologies said: “We were amazed by the vast portfolio of our new technology partner. We wouldn’t be able to integrate so many payment options in such a short time.

“Advanced routing rules available in the system increase the probability of payment success. On top of that, the PRAXIS Cashier team helps brokers get onboarded with the most suitable PSPs for their target markets and improve the deposit acceptance rates.”

“It’s an excellent addition to our previous payment methods, including Crypto Gateway and various card processors. Still, we’re constantly working on broadening payment options by adding new PSPs that are not covered by PRAXIS Cashier.”

(Photo: Match-Trade)

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