Gamer One Signs Strategic Partnership With AfterMath Gaming Org

[image credit : Gamer One]

Gamer One has signed a strategic partnership deal with Hong Kong-based Esports group; AfterMath Gaming Organisation.

The AfterMath Gaming Org or better known as AMG Org is a growing team of gamers founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee, a serial entrepreneur with a goal to increase their brand awareness and followers in areas such as Asia, US, Canada, and Europe.

At present, they have over 15 gamers that are contributing to their growth in many games such as Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Fortnite, League of Legends and CS:GO.

Bobby and his team have been collectively increasing their team headcount over the last few weeks and taking on some highly talented individuals that have been trying to break into the Esports scene for quite some time.

Their mission works in line with that of Gamer One where we both understand the tough industry of breaking through in the main influencer dominated sector of streaming and content sharing, driving Esports teams revenue.

CTO of Gamer One, Tim Rainer said “When AMG Org and Gamer One first started discussing this partnership, we were both astounded by the way we aligned due to other platforms in video sharing and streaming not giving everyone in Esports a fair shot. We felt that AMG Org could not only help us tap into the Asian market quickly but we could also help them with their goals of being seen and heard, given their own voice and a place where they could all get together as a community.”

Gamer One and AMG Org will work together in a way to promote, educate and socialize with gamers from around the world to try and bring that unique community of gamers that power the Esports industry.

Bobby Lee of AMG Org said, “I would rather be a shark in a pond than a tadpole in an ocean. We have been trying to get our players on a partnership program with other platforms but it was not a straight forward process. You need stats and view counts to get viewership rights but to get those stats, you need the ability to earn and reach a wider audience, it’s a big catch 22 that a lot are looking to new upcoming platforms like Gamer One to go to.”

The benefits of Gamer One allow all users to instantly have the ability to monetize their content and receive direct tips and donations from viewers without taking a percentage from the money. It’s a peer to peer channel using Paypal.

With verified accounts, subscription-based channels, tipping, live stream embeds and a lot more to come from the Gamer One platform, we believe that by working with AMG Org to grow our community, we can establish a great working relationship.

The next step is to discuss how we can get AMG Org ready to enter more competitions, tournaments, and leagues as a structured team.

Over the coming weeks, AMG Org and its team will be adding lots of gaming content to the platform and will allow users to engage with their team directly through Gamer One.

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