G2 eSports Brings Top NFL & Red Bull Commercial Talent To Management Team

G2 Esports appoints former NFL director Lindsey Eckhouse as Commercial Director, and former Red Bull exec. Sabrina Raith as Partnership Executive.

G2 Esports has announced the appointment of Lindsey Eckhouse as Commercial Director and Sabrina Raith as Partnership Executive.

As one of Germany’s most prolific esports organisations, G2 is aiming to forge new strategic partnership and strengthen existing ones, and the experience the new recruits bring should prove very useful.

Eckhouse joins G2 after spending more than six years overseeing international commercial partnerships for the NFL in the role of Director of Partnerships and International Commercial and Marketing Manager.

Commenting on the news, Eckhouse said:

“While working in the traditional sports market in the past few years, one couldn’t help but notice the major impact and growth that esports is having. I’m very excited to be able to bring my understanding of brand partnerships to this fast-rising industry and to G2 Esports. I’ve been so impressed with the vision and success of the organisation, both from a business standpoint and a competitive one, that it was a clear choice to join the company.”

Raith has spent over five years in various partnership roles at Red Bull, and has twelve years of experience in account management, marketing, partnerships and sports in total.

Talking about her new appointment, she said:

“When you are passionate about partnerships, there’s no way around esports. It’s the fastest growing global sport and the definition of fast-paced. Besides the competitive success, I love G2’s focus on entertainment.

“Considering my background it was exactly the place I wanted to be in. I’m excited to form partnerships with endemic and non-endemic brands that have a strong strategic overlap. Creating meaningful integrations is even more exciting when you get to entertain an audience that is extremely engaging and demands more than just logo badging.”

While CEO of G2 Esports, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, added:

“It is vital to the future of G2 and to esports that we continue to bring in the best talent from other industries to grow the business of esports…I am thrilled to have them joining us as not only the best in their fields but also to have more strong female voices on the management team. There is so much we will be able to accomplish with their skills, knowledge and drive to create the best partnerships for everyone.”

This news once again demonstrates the serious commercial force esports is rapidly becoming, attracting top talent from the traditional sports sector, and creating partnerships with major brands all over the world.

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