Fnatic and Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) Rewrite The Rules Of Gaming Merchandise

Esports organisation Fnatic has formed a partnership with Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), to “gift authentic digital collectibles and branded physical merchandise to global eSports fans in real-time.”

The promotion will involve hundreds of prizes and giveaways for fans in real-time using WAX ExpressTrade during Fnatic’s “Legends in Action – Live” event, which will be streamed live on Twitch from FNATIC HQ on Sunday 13th January at 1pm EST.

Prizes will include ‘legendary’ cut-and-sew custom Air Jordan shoes with unique Fnatic designs, autographed merchandise, professional gaming gear and more.

At the same time a new line of limited-edition Fnatic x WAX digital memorabilia and collectibles will be released, which fans will also be able to sell, swap, store and gift on their WAX ExpressTrade accounts, instantly and for free.

It will be the first time that esports fans have the opportunity to acquire branded physical merchandise from a team and its players, and then be able to trade them with people anywhere in the world without ever taking physical ownership. Alternatively, they will be able to store the digital version of their items in their WAX accounts, for shipping at a later date.

According to the company, each Fnatic x WAX item is secured by the WAX Blockchain, is 100% authentic and cannot be altered or counterfeited by a third party, enabling digital versions of real items to be used online in ways that were previously impossible.

Commenting on the event, Brand Director of Fnatic, Benoit Pagotto, said:

“We see this new kind of transaction experience as very forward-thinking, and it’s something we’ve been waiting years to try, since people are already very used to trading virtual items in the games they love,

“With this initiative, we want to start to define, with our fans, what the future of collectible and cool fan memorabilia could be. We are proud to be the first eSports organization, and one of the first brands, to offer this to our fans.”

While WAX CEO, William Quigley, added:

“We built the WAX E-Commerce Blockchain Platform from the ground up to enable these kinds of innovative, new e-commerce experiences. We’re excited to usher in this new form of e-commerce where fans can instantly receive, trade and share their favorite products and collectibles in-stream. This technology opens up all sorts of new avenues for engagement and monetization for streamers and their viewers.”

Tune in to this world first on Sunday, January 13 at 1pm EST here: https://www.twitch.tv/fnatic

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