Equity Poker Launches First Non-Profit Network To Improve Poker Eco-System

The Equity Poker Network (EPN) has launched “the world’s first ‘non-profit’ online poker network” for US and non-US operators. Founded by industry veteran Clive Archer, EPN explained that its business model will give “control to the operators, who form a management committee known as the ‘cooperative’, where voting power – and the redistribution of network profits – is based on the volume each brings to the network”.

The network, whose own poker room is Fullflushpoker.com, also highlighted its payments features, which hold sufficient funds in escrow to meet liabilities to the network and “cover cross-cage payouts between EPN rooms”. The system “effectively insulates the Network and the Operators from the failure of one single operator, as funds are held separately and cashflow is never impacted”, the company added.

Operators will be offered low fixed monthly fees and protection from an unbalanced poker eco-culture, with the enforcement of the “Shark Tax”, a penalty designed to discourage operators from bringing an unhealthy number of ‘sharks’ or professional grinders to the network.

“Another EPN ground rule is the original room that recruits a player will always retain profit from that player, putting an end to poaching, often encountered on other networks” added Clive Archer, “innovative solution to the already crowded online poker landscape that is further complicated by excessive start up costs, fierce competition for players, and unbalanced poker eco-cultures due to shark overload”.

“Establishing a viable network was a key part of the process if we also wanted to operate a sustainable, profitable poker business with full liquidity, while providing fun, excitement, and a safe environment for the recreational player,” commented Archer.

“We feel we have the right model, platform, and people to operate a network most successfully, providing operators with a ‘fairer future’, and players across the network with a secure and entertaining poker experience.”

Each Operator is also afforded a level of autonomy to configure their own tournaments and promotions, and to allocate rewards, bonuses, and even rakeback to existing customers of up to 50% of rake, encouraging unique points of difference and creativity from one room to the next.

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