Dukascopy Announces Expanded List of US Stocks CFDs

Dukascopy has announced that its list of CFDs on single stocks has been increased, adding several hundred US stocks to its platform. The selected stocks have higher liquidity levels, and will provide Dukascopy clients with a more diverse range of trading instruments.

The announcement specifies that the update will be applied to both Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe’s platforms, and will provide many of the company’s clients with access to assets that were not previously available. It appears that the company is attempting to attract additional stock traders, who would also benefit from the company’s 2017 decision to reduce the commission on European single stock CFDs from 10 EUR to 4 EUR.

Dukascopy continues to thrive in a dynamic and competitive industry. The company currently offers spot trading of more than 500 financial instruments, through the use of leveraged trading. The scope of the instruments includes FX currency pairs, metals, commodities, equity indexes, and shares of companies from 14 countries worldwide. Dukascopy continues to offer its clients the ability to trade binary options, despite the industry’s substantial deterioration over the past couple of years.

Dukascopy to Enter Crypto Frenzy

Within the official announcement, Dukascopy also indicated that the next important step in its agenda will be to incorporate cryptocurrency contracts into its trading platforms. In the midst of a global surge toward digital currencies, and the increasing demand for their potential groundbreaking returns, the company comprehends the importance of providing access to the crypto community. Moreover, it would provide both existing and prospective clients the ability to maintain a portfolio that includes cryptocurrencies in one place, rather than having to trade across several platforms and exchanges in order to gain access to various financial markets.

Dukascopy’s expansionary goals are evident in the company’s recent moves toward the end of last year. In December, the company extended its operational capacity to accommodate the retail banking sector. The emphasis of the decision was to provide virtual banking capabilities to its assortment of international clients.

(Photo: FortuneZ)

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