“Dr.Lupo” Speaks Out On George Floyd Protests In Twitch Stream

“Dr. Lupo” speaks out on George Floyd protests in Twitch stream. Benjamin Lupo, more popularly known as “Dr.Lupo” is one of the worlds most popular video game streamers. On Friday, he took to Twitch to speak out on recent protests following the death of George Floyd.

In the Twitch stream he shared “My name is Benjamin Lupo, I play video games for a living and I’m white. I didn’t choose to be white, just like George Floyd didn’t choose to be black. Right now, we live in a world where something you have no control over influences what kind of life you’re allowed to live.” 

He acknowledged that as a white male, he doesn’t have to face the same concerns as black people and doesn’t fully understand what it’s like.

“You got black men and women facing discrimination every single day in the United States, literally just for being black. They die just for being black. Think about that for a second,” Lupo said. “People are dying for something they have no control over. 

He then went on to discuss the riots happening in cities across America. “I hope you f—ing hear me when I say this: These people are [rioting] because they have not been heard before now,” he said. “This has been going on for f—ing years. When people go unheard, that’s when rioting happens.” 

[image: Flickr]

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