Discord Gamers Gain Access to eBoost Cryptocurrency via Trade Central

eBoost, the in-game blockchain token for the eSports market, today announced its integration with Trade Central Wallet – Discord’s largest trading server. This will allow coin holders to exchange eBoost for in-game assets without leaving the popular VoIP app.

“From our market research, we’ve learned that many people don’t have access to trade resources; and those that do, want to avoid spending on various transaction fees,” said Marshall Long, Co-Founder of eBoost. “Integrating with Trade Central Wallet provides our customers with an alternative that works for them, allowing them to transfer eBoost tokens to other users, seamlessly, using their Discord tag– all without a transfer fee.”

The Trade Central wallet displays an eBoost balance against Ethereum, Bitcoin EUR and USD and only charges a fee for withdrawals and deposits, not transfers. Trade Central Wallet also automatically creates a wallet for users who don’t currently have one set up at the time that another user is interested in sending them money.

“eSports are among the most competitive and active trading groups in the crypto and gaming space, so it’s necessary to have a secure and fast trading system that can support such an enthusiastic community,” said Long. “The Trade Central Wallet equips eBoost traders with all the tools and utility they need with the ease of use and security they can trust.”

(Photo: pixabay)

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Solana (SOL) $ 169.65 3.67%
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