Deutsche Börse’s August Turnover Increases by 25 Percent Year-on-Year

Deutsche Börse Group, one of the largest worldwide institutional trading networks, has reported its monthly order book turnover statistics for the month ending August 2017. The numbers were slightly lower compared to the month of July, due to the holiday period and the general lack of volatility in the stock markets during this time.

In the month of August, the company reported a total order book turnover of $137.11 billion (€116.2 billion) across all its cash markets, which was a slight fall of 2.2 percent when compared to the turnover in July 2017, but a 25%  increase in turnover year-on-year.

Of the total turnover for August, $124.96 billion (€105.9 billion) was attributable to Xetra which marked a drop of 2.9 percent from July 2017 and a drop of 7.7 percent on a year-on-year basis. This again showed a marked decrease from the numbers in 2016.

The biggest contribution for the turnover came from the cash markets in equities which came in at $122.8 billion (€103.6 billion) which marked a slight drop of 2 percent from the turnover in July.

The average daily trading volume at Xetra came in at $5.42 billion (€4.6 billion) which marked a downturn of around 11.5 percent in the daily average volume as compared to the average from July. But the positive news was that the average volume in August 2017 was about 25 percent more year-on-year.

In August, Xetra introduced two new commodity ETFs from ETF Securities, one for all commodities and another excluding livestock and agriculture.

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