BeeksFX VPS Expands into Beeks Financial Cloud, Launches in Tokyo TY3

BeeksFX VPS has been in the financial services industry since 2011 when it started offering its virtual private server (VPS) solution to retail traders worldwide. Since then the company has grown into the largest global provider of VPS services for retail traders with data center locations in the Equinix facilities in London, New York and Tokyo.

After acquiring Gallant VPS last year, Beeks became the undisputed leader in the retail FX VPS space. In order to continue growing its business, the company has gradually begun moving into the institutional space, a process culminating with Beeks Financial Cloud, its new brand.

Since the company’s business was traditionally oriented towards the high-end segment of the retail business, it only took a step further to venture into the lower end of institutional for starters.

Aside from the well familiar VPS offering, Beeks Financial Cloud is offering dedicated servers, co-location and onsite services. The company has its own private areas in the data centers of Equinix NY4 and LD4 and has just launched TY3 in Tokyo. Based around the Open Compute model, the pricing of the services offered is aggressive.

The firm’s infrastructure is cross-connected to a number of venues like Hotspot FX, Fastmatch, CFH, Interactive Brokers and others. Brokers, fund managers and hedge funds are already using the lines of Beeks to cross-connect their systems to a number of important foreign exchange market venues.

Connectivity on Demand and Beyond

Beeks Financial Cloud is aiming to deliver a new service to the industry – a market place where any of the customers of Beeks and brokers will be able to access a catalogue of pre-built connections to different venues.

This opens up a new realm of connectivity between firms in the industry with real-time integration and connection between brokers, news providers, trading venues, etc. While some big companies are providing similar services, the costs and the servicing are not comparable to those of a firm which is dedicated to a whole industry, such as Beeks Financial Cloud already established itself as.

The company’s plans go much further. Speaking to FortuneZ, the CEO of Beeks, Gordon McArthur shared that Beeks Financial Cloud is looking for some acquisitions, with one imminent and others being pursued which will bring the company into the multi-asset space.

The Tokyo TY3 presence of Beeks Financial Cloud has just been launched and clients of the company will get access to Japanese liquidity, colocation services, etc.

Smart hands

Recently Beeks has began offering a new service to companies in the FX industry called “smart hands”. Since the company has substantial presence in Equinix data centers worldwide it has its own engineers which are located close to LD4 and NY4. Companies that have presence in these locations are now able to outsource their needs to Beeks.

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